Day 9 – Blog-tober & Block-tober Giveaway & Winner

Hello Everyone!

Just popping in to let you know that I will have TWO giveaways for you tomorrow and a NEW video!

I wasn’t in my office much today so don’t have much to share.

Tonight, as I was driving home from dropping Brayden off at a church activity, a deer ran into my car.  Sound familiar?  Yep, the exact same thing happened 8 or 9 years ago in Oklahoma.  I didn’t even see the deer but the side and front corner of my car did.  Had to wait for the city police to come and make a report.  We couldn’t find the deer so I am praying that he/she isn’t hurt.  No blood on the car, just a little fur and a lot of damage.


See you all tomorrow!

Hugs, Robyn 

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  1. Buffy Scott says

    Oh no, I really hate this happened. So upsetting for your car though, but I am so glad you are ok!

  2. Janet Smith says

    We have deer in our area as well! It is quite traumatic to hit one.
    A few years ago I hit one with my Jeep and my husband was able to use a Ding King to fix the dent.
    By the way, a Ding King was a device on infomercials many years ago.