Fabulous Friday – Team Swap & Chicken Update

Hello Everyone!

I can’t believe it is Friday!  This week has felt so weird to me because the kids have today and Monday off of school.  They are on vacation…… AGAIN!  LOL!  So I’m not sure how much I will be able to be in My Pink Loft but I will squeeze it in when I can.  We also woke up to a couple inches of fresh snow and it is still falling.  Kind of feels like Christmas again, minus the presents.  (Don’t tell anyone but our Christmas tree is still up!)  

My Pink Stamper’s Downline Monthly Swap
Each month we have a group team swap where we make the same card for as many who sign up for the swap, they send them all to me, I swap them out, and return X amount of different cards to the participants.  It’s a great way to get ideas for our business and a variety of cards to send out to our family and friends.  I LOVE my Stampin’ Up! downline.  They are becoming my family and I am so grateful for them!  Here is my swap for the month.  We had 26 sign up for January so I am excited to swap them all out tomorrow and get 25 more ideas!  Click HERE to learn more about joining my team!  (Don’t forget that you get to choose an additional $30 in product for Stampin’ Up!’s Sale-a-bration special!)
(I realized after I took this picture that I forgot to stamp the pink ribbon on the strings.  I will make sure I do that before I swap them out!)
Click HERE to order 24/7!
Chicken Update
I am SO SUPER EXCITED! Pepper, who lays green eggs, stopped laying during the Fall.  I thought maybe she was molting since she was losing some of her feathers even though it was way early for a molt.  I must have been right because 3 months later and we got a green egg yesterday.  I actually squealed out loud!  I was so happy!  Having backyard chickens brings me such great joy.  I think I am the only one in my family who feels this way.  I celebrated my green egg alone last night.  BOO HOO!!!  Seriously family…..  can you lay green eggs??!!
Grateful Bunch Class Update
As most of you know, this class filled up super fast.  I am happy to say that my class materials will be here TODAY!!  I am going to work all day on getting the class packets ready and might be able to get them in the mail by tomorrow or Monday morning!  
Upcoming Class
Because Grateful Bunch had such a fast turnover, I might be able to post my newest class THIS Tuesday or Wednesday!  Thanks for all the support everyone.  I LOVE doing my online classes!  I love designing the projects, cutting out the materials, filming the class online video, and making the packages up for you guys.  BEST JOB EVER!!
I hope to see you all back here tomorrow.  Hopefully I can squeeze in a quick video for you guys!
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  1. Michelle Musial says

    I am toying with the idea of getting back into stamping and the Big Shot would do the trick….lol!!!!

  2. Momjovi says

    I never knew chickens could lay different color eggs, until you got and shared your chickens. Learning all kinds of things! Getting my birthday bundle this week!!!

  3. Jennifer martin says

    Cute card!! Send some of that snow to us in Georgua. We live in north GA and don't get it very often and usually only a dusting when we do. My son is praying we get some snow this winter!

  4. BethAnn M says

    Pepper's green egg is so cute! I didn't know there were really green eggs; just the ones in Dr. Seuss! Great job on those cards, too! You are both amazing ladies.

  5. Mary says

    I told my husband about your chickens (including the green egg), and he can't figure out why ANYone would WANT to have chickens! Too many times cleaning the hen house as a kid, I think! Just got that stamp set bundle yesterday in my order and can't wait to make some birthday cards. We have a stamping club, and we do a swap every month, so we get lots of different cards. It's fun, with a different theme every month!

  6. Tonda says

    Cute Cute cards!! You have the best ideas!! Lovin' the green egg and wish we would get some more snow here. Winter is my favorite time of the year and the more snow the better. Have a great weekend!!

  7. Annette Reed says

    The swap sounds like fun. I think you are a very patient person fooling with chickens. A green egg is definately different. I would be excited too if my chicken had stopped laying and then started again.

  8. Betty says

    Hope you had some HAM with the green egg!! With your kids home a few days I bet you will be super busy!! Have a great weekend Farmer Robyn!!

  9. Lori Smanski says

    Shhh we just took our tree down and put everything away. Usually my husband wants to take them down by new years day. I was able to hold him off for a while this time. HeHeHe. Your cards are so cute, even without the ribbon. I love this green egg. we only had brown eggs on the farm. does it taste any different?

  10. Anonymous says

    I absolutely LOVE the green egg!!! You are so inspiring!
    redheadworking at earthlink dot net