What a weekend….

Friday we started getting an ice storm so I just kept the kids home from school. It was a fun day because Bryan only had to work a couple hours in the morning and then he was home right as the storm was starting. Friday night I started feeling like I was coming down with something because I was just so tired. Then it began…… MASTITIS!!! My fever started right as I was going to bed and it just continued to go up and up. I tried everything to keep it down. By the next morning my fever was up to 103.7 and I was having crazy chills. It was soooooo horrible!! I have only experienced it this bad once before and I never wanted to go through it again. We immediately called my doc and he called in an antibiotic. My fever broke for the first time later on Saturday and then got bad again Saturday night. It is finally under control and it is Monday. I still have mastitis and only time will tell if the antibiotic will work. If it doesn’t my doc said he might need to surgically remove it. Let’s hope that doesn’t have to happen!! Anyway, I am feeling a lot better today and have been out of bed for most of it. Yesterday I spent the entire day in bed and took at least 2 naps. I really have a new appreciation for all the pioneers. When they went through what I have this weekend they would have died. I’m grateful for modern medicine. Even taking a simple little Tylenol is a blessing which they did not have access to.

That is where I have been for awhile. Hopefully I’ll be better able to keep my blog updated.

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  1. Julie says

    Ouch!!! I’m so sorry you have mastitis. I hope the anti does it’s work and you can get rid of it.

    I have never heard of them surgically removing it. yikes…

    Here is a parenting site I’ve found has lots and lots of information on nursing and stuff. I’m putting a link to a page on mastitis and plugged ducts… You probably already know all the info, but just incase there is something you haven’t heard of I thought I’d pass it along.


  2. Jill says

    Robyn, I’m so sorry that you have been sick! That is no fun. I have never had mastitis yet (crossing fingers) but I’ve heard it’s bad! I hope you are doing tons better by today. Hang in there. I’ll be praying for you too.

  3. Shawna says

    Robyn-I hope you are feeling better. Antibiotics can work pretty fast so I hope they have for you. I’m calling you tomorrow-if you need anything I can walk to your house – it’s only a mile.

  4. robynstamps says

    Thanks Jen! Yes, my husband gave me one in the middle of the night Friday. In it I was told to endure. Not exactly what I had in mind but I have sure learned a lot this weekend about how much I can endure.


  5. Jen says

    Oh Robyn, I’m soooo sorry!!!!! My sis had mastitis bad a couple of times and I know she was in agony!!!

    Make sure you get a blessing if you haven’t had one already. I’ll keep you in my prayers.