I’m still here

I haven’t had the baby yet, thank goodness. My date is this Wednesday in 5 days. I cannot believe the time is getting this close. Now I am just hoping that I don’t go early. We have it all worked out to a T. B works tomorrow so it would not be a good day to go. He is also having a Christmas party with his 4 assistants. It sounds like a lot of fun and I don’t want to mess things up. I am contracting tonight but I am really just trying to ignore it. I’m sure it is just false labor again.

It has been fun having the kids and B home for the past 4 days. We have been ice/snowed in. We actually ran a few errands this evening but couldn’t pull back in our garage because of the steep incline of our driveway. It was pretty scary. We just parked on the front curb and walked up. B salted it better so now it is pretty much melted. I hope it finishes melting tomorrow so we can go to church on Sunday morning. I am not one to drive on icy roads at all. It scares the jeepers out of me!!

I am so excited because I have got so much scrapbooking done this week. I am up to the beginning of the school year. I’m only a few months behind. My goal is to get caught up before Wednesday AND have a good start on the new baby’s album. So then I just need to add the pictures to the pages. It is an amazing feeling to be working on current pictures. I have been about 2-4 years behind for 6 years now. I’m glad to be getting caught up. I will be able to get more creative with my picture taking again.

Okay, really weird but I keep feeling like my water is going to break at any minute. That baby is sooo active right now and VERY low in my pelvic area. I’m just waiting to hear a big “POP”. I hope I don’t because we are not prepared for this!!

Anyway, I hope I have not offended anyone lately. I feel like I have been so quick to voice my opinions and “stand up for what I believe in” that I have been offending people in the process. I’m going to start just keeping my mouth shut unless it is something that needs to be said. I also am going to spend less time on some of my internet boards. They are just big time wasters and my family needs most of my attention right now and so do my stamps!!

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