Here I go….

I thought I would add one post before my big day tomorrow. We leave the house at 5am and the procedure starts at 7:30. Wow!! I still have so much to do but the fatigue has hit me for the day. I don’t know how much more I can do. I still need to get the cabbage patch kid “babies” ready to go. I am going to take them all out of their boxes and swaddle them in their blankets. I think they will be easier to transport there and home. I just finished making an extra dinner for my family to eat on Thursday. Tomorrow I am going to start a crock pot before I leave. Friday they can order pizza and Saturday B can make dinner. I think my ward is going to do dinner for me on Sunday night which will be great to have a hot meal the night I get home from the hospital. I know I have all those frozen meals but I still have to prepare them with side dishes. My favorite part of having a baby is getting pampered for at least a few days with dinners. For some reason I am soooo hungry those few days after I get home. If I had more energy I would make some more dinners that are ready to pop in the oven. I think we have enough for about 20 dinners right now and I have ordered more from Supper Thyme that B just needs to pick up this weekend. They are making them for me for a little extra charge. They look yummy, too!! We cheated this week and had one of the meals I prepared. It was Taco Soup and oh, so yummy. It was a little spicy but great!!

This morning our guest toilet completely flooded. I guess it’s better today then when I am at the hospital. At least we can deal with it now and lock that door until a plumber comes out next week. The bummer part is that I have a friend coming over in the am to watch the kids and her and her kids will have to go upstairs or use our Masterbathroom. I wanted it to be easy for her. Hopefully it’s not too much of a pain.

I hope I’m not forgetting anything. I’m sure I will. Do I bring a book to read?? Or will I just be sleeping on my down time in the hospital. I can’t wait to meet our baby boy. I only wish we could agree on a name…. any name!!! I don’t have one set name in my head right now. I’m going to try to get a list of 5-10 to take with me and then after we look at him we can decide. Uggggg!! Why are there so many boy cousins in B’s side of the family??? We can’t use any of those and a lot of them are my favorite names!!!

Wish me luck and love!

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  1. Shawna says

    I was thinking of you all this morning and talked to B this afternoon and it sounded like everything went very well. I’m so glad! Congratulations!

  2. Joan says

    Oh Robyn, I was hoping you would post today. I am sending you warm thoughts and love. You are a great mom and tomorrow will be another wonderful day!! My very very best wishes for a happy healthy delivery. Joan B