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Well, we got through the book report and now it’s on to our 1 minute talk for the Primary Program. I think that she is getting it and will not wait until the last moment next month.

I have just felt GREAT today. I have not even had to take a Tylenol yet. I went grocery shopping, took my kids to the Dollar Tree, and to Target. Now I get to work on some fun stuff for Young Womens. I think I will actually be okay and not have an early baby. Thank goodness. I just need to know my limits.

“M” just went to a birthday party at Pump It Up for a friend in her class. She was so excited and couldn’t believe I actually said yes. “B” didn’t have to work today so I felt that I could do more things. When “B” has to work on Saturdays I say no to almost everything extra. It is just too much for me to lug all the kids around and worry about everything that goes along with it. “B” only has 3 more Saturdays to work and then he will be with us. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Can I throw a party. He has only been working 2 Saturdays a month for the past 18 months but it has taken a toll on me. When he works on a Saturday I literally get no break at all during the week. I have to take care of the kids for most of the day on Sunday as well, until he gets home from church. It is just a sacrifice we have all had to make and it has been worth it. Today he got to watch football almost uninteruppted. He folded and put away all my many baskets of clean clothes that have been piling up. For some reason I can wash them but putting them away is soooo hard. It just takes so much work!!

I’ll update more later. Maybe I’ll even have some deep thoughts to add.

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Pressures On…..

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Why is it that everytime “K” has an assignment at school it seems like she waits until the last minute. At what age do they actually take responsibility and do it themselves?? She has her monthly book report due on Monday and I have bugged her about it for two weeks now. Looks like we will be working on it tomorrow. I want her to understand how important it is in life to do things in advance so you are not stressed out at the last minute. I learned the hard way but it has taught me to be early for everything, including meetings & church. I want my kids to learn these same values. She is only in 3rd grade but I don’t want to hold her hand the rest of her life.

Tonight we babysat for some friends so they could go on a date. My friend “R” has babysat for me all week for my appointments, etc. It was the least we could do. I don’t mind at all. Her kids are really easy and “A” has someone to run around and play with.

Today I sat and stamped a lot! I am working on making sets of cards for my friends here & some church members. I think I am making around 50 sets of 6 cards this year. I think I am almost done, believe it or not. It’s around 300 cards with matching envelopes that I end up making but I just love to stamp so much that I enjoy doing it. Plus, I just love how they love receiving them. I don’t know what I will work on once I am done with this project. I have already finished my Christmas cards and birth announcements. I need to work on some journals for the Young Women, too. I guess I will do that next.

What is it about a clean kitchen that can make or break your mood?? I feel soooo good when I keep my kitchen clean. When it is dirty I just feel yucky inside and it makes me not want to clean it. I just finished doing the dishes and now I just need to wipe the counters. I’m sure this is very dull information but it is something I want to remember about me later. This is sort of like my journal now. Of course, I’ll leave all the juicy stuff to my real journal but everything else will go on here.

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I tried to update earlier but something happened and it wouldn’t post. Here is the 411 on my life since Wednesday…..

Trunk or Treat
I decided to go to our ward party on Wednesday night because I was feeling better. I’m so glad I went. I dressed up as a Hawaiian prego lady with a hula skirt and everything. My hubby dressed as a Hawaiian beach bum. He actually ended up looking like an Oklahoma beach bum because he bought a mullet instead of just surfer hair. It was pretty funny. “K” was Geneivere, “M” was a cheerleader, “A” was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and “T” was a cute little Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. They had so much fun running around the gym and playing the games that were set up.

I had my ob appointment in the morning and my doctor said everything looked great. I was only effaced to 25% and not 50% like they told me in the hospital. I guess that makes a little difference. I am still dilated to a 1 but that is pretty normal for someone who has had 4 other pregnancies. He told me that I am not restricted at all. I was hoping that he would tell me that I couldn’t do any chores but no such luck!! He said to sit with my feet up twice a day to relax. I choose to sit for 2 hours a day and stamp! That’s my therapy.

I am so glad that I can be pretty much back to normal. I can’t even imagine being put on bedrest and having 6 weeks left to go. That would be sooo hard. What a blessing!

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Should I stay or should I go now????

By Robyn Cardon - October 25, 2006 - 1 Comment

I’m thinking I might want to go tonight, just to get out of the house. I should be okay if I just don’t walk around much and take it easy. I just don’t want to miss this with my kids. They are going to have so much fun. I am making some cupcakes right now for our booth. (Really not that much effort!) When DH gets home he has to start the chilli and then he needs to run to the store and get himself a costume and some candy to pass out tonight. I guess you could call us “unprepared” but we’ve had a long week/weekend.

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Officially taking it easy today….

By Robyn Cardon - October 25, 2006 - 1 Comment

I’ve decided that I just need to do what the hospital said and just take it easy. I think I did too much yesterday morning and I really paid for it in the afternoon and evening. I just feel really slothful doing nothing. The weather here doesn’t help either. It’s very overcast and just yucky. I think it might even be raining. I’ve decided to stay home tonight from our Ward’s Trunk or Treat. I just don’t feel up to walking around and socializing. I’m keeping my toddler at home because he still is a little stuffy and has a tummy ache. He is such a sweet thing and I’ve been able to snuggle with him a lot lately. I hope he doesn’t feel pushed aside when this baby is born. I love all of my children sooo much. I really hope they know that.

Here are my list of things I need to finish in the next few days……
*Make goodie bags for my girls Fall Party on Friday
*Start preparing my lesson for next Sunday
*Make chili for tonight’s chili cookoff
*Remember to have my DH pick up cupcakes for tonight’s booth
*Make sure the kids and DH get there early tonight to help set up
*etc.,etc., etc

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Today is a new day!

By Robyn Cardon - October 24, 2006 - 1 Comment

I’m going to “try” to take it easy today but there are sooo many things that I want to do and get done. It’s not like my house is a mess but I just have little projects that are sitting there. I am going to “try” to relax a bit because I don’t want my contractions to start again. I’m watching a couple of my friend’s children today while she goes to the dentist. They are really easy kids so it is no problem. I really want to get my birth announcements done today but we will see if I even make it up the stairs today.

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