Bed Rest….

By Robyn Cardon - October 23, 2006 - 2 Comments

This morning I woke up and still had contractions so I called my doctor. He told me to head on over to labor and delivery to be monitored. When I got there the contrations were pretty regular so they gave me a shot of brethine, and then another shot of it a few hours later. They checked to see if I was dialating or effacing and I am 50% effaced and dialated to a 1. The doctor seems to think everything will be okay so they gave me some more meds and sent me home with restricted rest. I cannot pick up my 22 month old or walk around much. I look around my house and see all that I need to do. I really hope that I can get back to normal soon. I am sooo not ready for an early baby.

That’s my update!!

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By Robyn Cardon - October 22, 2006 - Comments Off on Contractions!

Today has seemed like such a long Sunday. I woke up, got ready for church, and then during Sacrament I started having regular strong BH contractions. I was just not myself. I couldn’t even bend over and pick up Thomas when he started throwing a fit during the closing song. By the time we got home today they were 5 minutes apart and pretty strong. I wouldn’t really call them painful but I did have to stop what I was doing and just focus on them. As soon as I walked in the door I took a mag pill,layed on my left side and grabbed a huge glass of water. I ended up drinking 2 huge glasses of water. We were getting pretty worried. I took a 3 hour nap and now they are much better. I really think I overdid it last night. I need to start just taking it easy. My body isn’t the same as it was with my first three pregnancies.

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Youth Conference

By Robyn Cardon - October 22, 2006 - Comments Off on Youth Conference

I just got back from Youth Conference and it is 11:30 pm. It was such a neat experience. A long one, but something that I needed to experience. This evening started with a great speaker then a testimony meeting. Here are a few things I learned from that…..
#1- Do not start your testimony by letting the “ladies know you are single and your name is Clint”.
#2 – Do not start your testimony by saying “I just got up here to say what you all were thinking. This is long and it needs to be over”.
Youth are soooo funny but their spirit is so strong. I found myself wiping away tears many times. This is the “Strength” of Youth that has been saved for these last days. It almost even seemed like a glow was coming from them when they were up on the stand. (That could also have to do with the fact that I left my glasses in the car.)

This afternoon/evening did not start out the best. My DH was trying to get home on time from Walmart with 2 kids and I had the 2 little ones. We decided to meet at the church and switch cars and kids there. I had to run around frantically putting car seats in his car and doing this & that. I almost put myself in labor. Then, when he got to the church I was trying to help him unload the minivan of groceries into his car when I picked up a bag and everything spilled onto the pavement. The Youth were already loaded in my car (filled with old chicken nuggets) while we were finishing this. It all turned out okay but it is so funny how things can try to take away your happy, good mood.

I took a moment during the dance tonight to sit in the foyer and read my scriptures. I was really struck by a passage in Mormon 9:21 which reads
” Behold, I say unto you that whoso believeth in Christ, doubting nothing, whatsoever he shall ask the Father in the name of Christ it shall be granted him; and this promise is unto all, even unto the ends of the earth.”
I had to stop and ponder this for a minute. This is a promise unto all of us, even me. Can I really be that faithful?? I guess that is the goal of everyone here on earth, to get to that point.

Thanks for reading this. I’ve got an early morning so I’d better get to bed.

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Aren’t kids great??

By Robyn Cardon - October 21, 2006 - Comments Off on Aren’t kids great??

My 3 oldest kids are outside making a Christmas play by themselves. I just went and watched a little of it and it is soooo cute. I have the greatest kids in the world. I know that I have been annoyed with them lately but I think that was just me. I get sooo different when I am pregnant. I have no patience with anyone. I am just so thankful that Heavenly Father blessed me by letting me raise these sweet little children. They mean more to me than anything.

Last night we went to the Orr Family Farm to pick our pumkins, go on a hayride, ride the train, pet some animals, and eat kettle corn. We went with a new family that we just met. We had a great time. This is the 3rd year we have gone and it will continue to be a family tradition. I took sooo many great pictures there that I can’t wait to scrapbook them. I always love to scrapbook our pumpkin patch pictures.

My pregnancy is going okay. I only have around 6 weeks and 3 days to go. I’m counting every minute. I have severe pubic bone pain that I almost can’t stand. I’m on some meds so I hope that will help. My doctor is a little concerned about me because of my contractions a week & a half ago. He called me again yesterday to check on me. I have my next appointment on Thursday so I think I will be okay. I really don’t want to go into labor early and I definitely don’t want to be put on bed rest. I don’t think I could do that with my family. They need me to be alert and I need to be alert.

I am grateful to have started this blog. I’m excited to post regularly and also upload some of my card/scrapbook creations. I made a card for my Aunt Nikki today and a couple other girls I know going through chemo due to breast cancer. It turned out really cute. I also finished all my Christmas cards last night. I made 48 but I only think I will need about 35 of them. I just need to do my birth announcements and a few other projects before baby gets here. I’m getting kind of overwhelmed thinking of all I need to do before he comes to our family. I still need to get the “baby” stuff ready. I don’t even know which bins they are in. With my last baby I was prepared 3 months in advance. I need to get on the ball.

My hubby has been so wonderful lately. I am so blessed to have married him. He has to put up with so much from me and I think that after 10 years of marriage he finally knows how to handle me. “Handle With Care”. I should have sticker on me when I am pregnant. I’m just a hormonal mess!! He has been telling me everyday how beautiful I am and giving me hugs and kisses. He has never done this with any other pregnancy before and I cannot even tell you how much it means to me. He is helping with the Youth Conference today and when he gets back I am going from 3-11 pm tonight. I don’t really feel up to it but it’s where I need to be.

Okay, I’ve rambled on enough. If anyone ever reads this they will probably think I am a bore but I just need to do it for me.

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By Robyn Cardon - October 20, 2006 - 5 Comments

A Long Night Ahead…..
This is my official first post on my blog. I came home from HFPE to find that my oldest daughter got her fingers slammed in the door. We don’t know if they are broken yet, we are going to wait until the morning. Then, I was getting ready to go to bed and my 4 yr old wakes up crying. He has a sore throat and a stuffy nose. I finially get him settled down and my 22 month old wakes up crying with a runny nose and stuffy head. He is in MY bed now sleeping right where I should be. I really don’t even mind. He is still my baby, at least for 7 more weeks. Thoughts on that. I cannot believe I am going to have a newborn in 7 weeks. Am I really ready?? Can I be a good mom to so many kids?? (The baby just kicked so I guess I have his vote 🙂 ) Last night I was reading about Lehi’s vision about the tree of life. There are two separate groups who make it to the tree and hold to the rod of iron but one group falls away and the other group does not. I was reading the two parts and comparing them. They both had a hold of the Rod of Iron (scriptures) BUT the first group was “clinging” it, which means they were dilligent and the second group was holding fast to it. I still need to think about this more and digest it. I don’t want to dig too deep but this has really been on my mind lately. I hope I can “hold fast” to the iron rod, too. On Monday Bryan taught our Family Home Evening lesson. He taught the children about the plan of salvation and the 3 degrees of glory. They have sooo many questions. I know that our Father in Heaven sent down the most valiant spirits in these last days. They have sooo much they will need to go through that we cannot even imagine. I hope I can do my part as a mother in Zion to prepare them.

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