By Robyn Cardon - April 27, 2007 - 1 Comment

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CASE’d card

By Robyn Cardon - April 27, 2007 - Comments Off on CASE’d card

This was CASE’d from my good friend Susanne Moyer.

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Super Simple

By Robyn Cardon - April 27, 2007 - Comments Off on Super Simple

This is going to be one of the 10 cards that we are doing for our Super Saturday at our church. It was super simple and I created it in under 3 minutes!!

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By Robyn Cardon - March 19, 2007 - 4 Comments

Okay, I can honestly say in my 34 years of life I have never experienced allergies……………. until now!! For the past few days my throat has been really itchy and scratchy. At first I thought that maybe I was getting a cold but it is just staying the same. My nose is running and I have been sneezing/light coughing because of my throat. Last night I was miserable and couldn’t sleep at all. I had to get up and blow my nose. It is not like a cold, I can tell the difference now. It is just THERE and is not progressing or changing. Anyway, I feel for all of you in my life who have had to suffer. It is my turn now. The trees started to bloom this week and Bryan totally dusted the house on Saturday (what a man). I guess I will take a Claritin and hope it helps.

Other than that I am great! My Book of Mormon reading is going just as planned. I am learning so much. I am trying to highlight special versus along the way, too!!

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Getting a break….

By Robyn Cardon - March 16, 2007 - 3 Comments

Every mom needs a break. It’s just that simple. So last night a friend and I went out to dinner to get our much needed break. It was so nice to have a conversation without kids interuppting. I truly believe that in order to be a better mom we all need to take time for ourselves. I am so grateful that I have a scrapbooking hobby and a stamping hobby. I’m not sure what I would do without that time to myself.

For some reason I cannot upload pictures to my blog right now so just imagine my creations I am making with my Cricut and Cuttlebug. They are too cute!!! Maybe I can try links…..

I think that might have worked! I’m hoping to do some more this weekend. Bryan and I get to go on two dates!! We are going out to dinner tonight with some good friends and we are going over to a friend’s house tomorrow night to have a St. Patrick’s dinner. Should be fun. I haven’t decided if we are taking the baby or leaving him. Hmmmmmmmm……… He is my sweet, little baby. Okay! We are taking him!!

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Happy Birthday Andrew!!

By Robyn Cardon - March 11, 2007 - 3 Comments
Note to self…… What was I thinking????
“Look, it’s a real bike!! I don’t have to use my sister’s girl bike anymore!!

Today is Andrew’s 5th birthday. We celebrated it yesterday by serving him breakfast in bed and having a little party at the park. He got to invite 5 friends because he was turning 5. We did a cowboy theme (just so I could use my cute Cowboy Kid stamp set).
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